$14,400 – Vancouver BC, CAN:


You are bidding on a 1982 French production

Rust free, in excellent condition and running like new

Citroen 2CV authentic Charleston Burgundy & Black – A CLASSIC FRENCH ICON

I have decided to sell this beauty to open room for other toys in my Garage.

This is a NO RESERVE auction starting at very low bid to let buyers decide on the value as I’m confident some of you know the value and appreciate what this Charleston is. Here’s your chance to own a very special Charleston at price that buyers will set.

2CV Charleston Black/Burgundy is THE most classic and most popular Charleston ever produced.

This Charleston is a French production

Rust free, in excellent condition, looks beautiful, runs truly like new

Description, condition and history

This 2CV starts, drives and stopes absolutely like new

This 2CV Charleston is registered under clean tittle with a collector plate in Vancouver BC with clean status and ready to be driven long distances or shipped to buyer anywhere in North America.

Under BC Collector’s plate regulations a car must be in perfect condition to be insured and registered with collector’s plate, such as this Charleston which should boost buyers confidence knowing they’re not buying a lemon.

I purchased this Charleston from a Citroen enthusiast in France (near Toulouse) in 2007 and had it imported to Victoria BC and now car is located in Vancouver BC

Majority of mileage 56,500 Km (35000 miles) is driving long distances on sunny beautiful days over 40 years and not driven as a daily driver in the cities much at all, hence the beautiful condition.

Car has always been parked in garage, never parked outside overnight, never seen rain.

This Charleston has never been evolved in any accident nor has even needed any major work.

This is a private sale from my private collection. Bid with confidence, check my feedbacks from lucky buyers who purchased another one of my 2CV few years back and also my Citroen Id 19 model which were the only automobiles I’ve ever sold off my collection over 17 years on ebay, naturally very happy buyers.

New parts & complete recent maintenance

Most of the following parts installed in April 2018 which include:

— — New Convertible Top (replaced in 2018)

— — New Clutch (complete set) (replaced in 2018)

— — New Brakes all around including E-brakes (replaced in 2018)

— — New Electronic Ignition (installed in 2017)

— — New Starter (replaced in 2018)

— — New Alternator (replaced in 2018)

— — New Coil (replaced in 2018)

— — New Ignition Cables (replaced in 2018)

— — New Fuel Pump (replaced in Sep-2017)

— — New Valve cover seals (replaced in 2018)

— — New Regulator (replaced in 2017)

— — New Battery (replaced in sep-2017)

— — New Fan Belt (replaced in 2018)

— — New Wheel & Tires (replaced in sep-2017)

Note: Most of the above parts where not in need of replacement nor needed any attention but I had my French Citroen mechanic/specialist do all the work just to make sure all maintenance is up to date, otherwise car was already operating perfectly, I’m a meticulous Collector and do this with all my beloved Collectors cars.

Recent maintenance performed in April 2018 includes:

— — Engine Oil change & new filter

— — Gearbox Oil change

— — Brake fluid flush

— — Valve adjustments

— — Carburetor overhaul

— — Yearly tune-ups

I also have some good used spare parts which I may include with the sale depending on how much the car will sale for which can be discussed after auction’s end, spare parts can be had at low cost if car is sold at buy-it-now price.

Overall Condition

Rust free, in excellent condition, looks beautiful, runs truly like new

Majority of the mileage is driven out of city long beautiful BC roads on sunny days, never driven in rain.

Car has always been parked in private garage, never parked outside overnight, never seen rain.

This Charleston has never been evolved in any accident nor has even needed any major work done on it, only meticulously maintained all its life.

This 2CV starts like new, Drives absolutely like new and Stopes absolutely like new.

The 4 speed gearbox (transmission) operates strong and like new.

Engine is the 602cc which is most powerful engine made for any 2cv and runs absolutely like new.

Car pulls very strong up hills on 3rd-4th gear which is amazing for such a small engine.

Cruises comfortably at about 65-75 MPH on HWY (and naturally that’s not flooring it), that’s just cruising normal on normal roads with no stress and just comfortable, absolutely solid stable ride, not pulling to the right or left, steering is very precise and responsive, suspension operating absolutely like new with no vibrations or rattling, operating exactly as it should.

Now regarding the brakes, it is simply a phenomenon, unbelievably responsive and effective, hit the brake at 70 MPH and car stops as if there’s no tomorrow but without nosing down, nor pulling to the left or right, it truly “stops on the dime” and right on the spot. This is due to front disk design and of course complete new brakes.

This beauty makes you look for excuse to just go out for drive and every time you drive it just brings more love and great memories, I’m lucky to have 2 more or else I would never sell this beautiful Charleston.

An Authentic Burgundy/Black Charleston which is truly all original except above new parts and professional paint job that was performed in 2014 as paint had lost a bit of its shine.

An original authentic Charleston (not an imitation), she has been owned by collectors like myself, not used as daily driver, taking a good care of her, some call it babying the car which is very true in this case.

Paint has a beautiful shine all around and shows very beautiful and very presentable and a real head turner and you get positive and loving comments every time you drive it anywhere.

There’s approximately 35000 miles (56,500 Km) on the odometer presumably original mileage on this beauty based on great original condition she’s in, however I cannot guaranty the above mileage due to 5 digit odometer but looking at the condition I could only assume this is the correct mileage.

We’ve made many long trips within the last 11 years with this Charleston to different shows and gatherings, including this spring so far, never had any problems with the car. We were the subject of thousands of photographs and friendly waving hands.

Everywhere people wanted to have a picture by the car and everyone wanted to know about it…

Be ready to allow passers by stop and ask permission to take pictures, or wave hands or thumbs ups, any day driving any of my collectibles especially the Charleston, people shoot so many pictures that I always try to be clean shaven and looking as good as I can to match the good look of my cars even though I’m too old for that now.

We all know, 2cv especially the Authentic Charleston gain value rapidly thus makes it a great investment, besides being unforgettably fun every single time you take her out for a drive, making you feel like you’re in another world every time you drive it.

– This Charleston is capable of being used as a daily driver any day of the year but I personally wouldn’t use it as my daily driver car as it breaks my heart seeing it running in heavy rain or snow, cold days or in heavy city traffics, we (collectors) like to drive any of our collector’s cars in sunny beautiful days only

– Don’t get me wrong, this little beautiful rare car can be used for all of the above any day anywhere with no hesitation, doing over 75 MPH on HWY if desired, she can stand any traffic, never heating up never get tired of running in idle or driving slow or fast., performing exactly as designed for.

– As a matter of fact, right now as it stands I guaranty you can drive this Charleston (and my other ones for that matter) from Vancouver all the way to New York or Mexico City, without having to pay attention to anything but filling up with regular gas about every 280-300 miles each fill up. That reminds me, gas tank capacity is about 6 gallons.

– Just make sure to change your engine oil and filter on time ( I always use synthetic oil) every 2500-3000 Miles (its recommended to change synthetic oil every 6000 miles or so) but I never pass 3000 mile before changing oil & filter, this is one reason the car runs even better than new!

– Car starts up any time anywhere one try and ready to go even in cold conditions.

I welcome professional local inspection before auctions end, please arrange to inspect the car before bidding and wining the auction.

Local in person pick up allowed.

Note, an Authentic 2cv Charleston is always more desirable, more popular and rarer and therefore more collectable and a great investment as it is guaranteed to just go up in value every year that passes by.

A Charleston imitation however is one that has been painted to look like a Charleston and not an original which makes it much less attractive or desirable than the original ones.

Furthermore, a restored 2CV is never as reliable as an original rust free 2cv, as rust always comes back unfortunately, therefore an original 2cv that has never been restored holds value much better than a restored one.

Year: 1982 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 00000000000000000
Mileage: 35,000
Sub Model: 2cv Charleston
Make: Citroën
Exterior Color: Burgandy/Black
Model: AX
Transmission: Manual
Trim: 2cv Charleston
Body Type: Convertible
Engine: 602
Vehicle Title: Clear
Drive Type: FWD
For Sale By: Private Seller “

Source: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-Citroen-AX-2cv-Charleston/232853779167