$54,000 – Brunswick, OH:

“The Aston Martin Virage is the last carrier of the true magic of hand-built Aston Martins. And this particular one, with its 5.3 liter V8 engine and stainless-steel straight-through-exhaust pipes, is also the last one that sounds like it.
From the only ca. 365 coupes built just 54 are over here in the United States. Yes 1 of 13 with a 5 speed manual transmission. So it is unlikely you meet another one on the open road. A very rare car indeed. It just oozes coolness. And the wall of appreciation that the car is getting from bystanders is amazing….

Every screw and bolt has been touch by a passionate craftsman, every panel has been beaten into shape by the hands of a skilled artisan. It’s as if the consciousness of the men who put this car together entered the machine and if you are near it you can feel that. Not unlike how Japanese sword-smith could bestow certain character qualities on samurai swords by mentally forging them into it as they were beating the blades to perfection.

This is why the car cost over a quarter million dollars when new. This is an incredible opportunity to own a piece of very rare Aston Martin history at a fraction of the price. Values are bound to rise and have risen continuously over the last couple of years. This Virage is the last Aston-secret.

It looks amazingly good from every angle especially with all the modern Astons looking the same these days. While the shape is incredibly understated, this car has enormous road presence. This is a big car. The design aged fantastically like an expensive wine and people not familiar with the model have a hard time dating it. Back in 1991 it had a number of advanced design-features that are common only today, such as flush fitted glass all around, integrated bumpers, integrated rear spoiler (not even visible from most angles) and minimal amount of shut lines.

This is a GT in the most literal sense of the word, not a sports car but a grand cruiser with plenty of power on tab (around 340 BHP in its current configuration) that can push past 160 MPH. It comfortably seats two grownups and two children.
The interior is like a first class cabin featuring wood, acres of the finest leather and an Alcan Tara headlining. I call it a “zero altitude Lear jet”.

This car came with the original 16″ Aston aluminum wheels. Those original wheels are included in the sale. The areas around the window frames look excellent as does the rest of the car.

I put the 19″ Savini Avarus wheels and Goodyear low profile tires (basically still new) on the car that not only dramatically enhance the look but also the driving dynamics. The wheels have no scratches.

This is a fantastic, original preservation car that drives and sounds great. I have stored it in a climate controlled heated in winter and cooled in the summer garage.

This car is wrapped in 3m matte black and carbon fiber 1080 car wrap films with accent pin stripping in lime green and light blue. This material can be removed with no damage to the paint. The windows are also tinted dark for a very dramatic look. This car turns heads and receives a lot of attention just driving down the road!

About the Virage in General:

The Virage was Aston Martin’s replacement for the decades-old V8 models, introduced at the Birmingham Motor show, in 1988.

This V8-powered car was intended as the company’s top model, with the 6-cylinder 1994 DB7 slotted below it. Although the DB7 switched to a V12 engine and claimed the performance crown, this V8 model remained the exclusive, expensive, and hand-built king of Astons. It was replaced in 2000 with the Vanquish.

When compared to the preceding V8, the design was fresh and more modern. It looked more like a Lagonda than the V8 it replaced. Indeed, the chassis was an evolution of the Lagonda’s, with a de Dion tube rear suspension, located by triangulated radius rods and a Watts linkage, and a double wishbone unit at the front.

The Virage was a large car with an all-aluminum body, and the 32-valve 5.3L V8 engine’s 364lb·ft torque elevated its performance to near super car levels. “Acceleration just never seems to run out”, claimed “Sports Car International” on a first test. They also praised the “eager and quicker revving” nature of the 335BHP engine with its Callaway-designed heads and Weber-Marinelli fuel injection. “Nothing sounds quite like an Aston V8,” they concluded. The 3,946lb car could reach 160mph. It reaches 60mph from standing in about 6.5seconds.

With very low mileage you can own this fine piece of automotive history.

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Source: https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1991/aston_martin/virage/100867907