$4,800 – Niskayuna, NY:

“1994 Alfa Romeo 164LS Sedan, We’ve enjoyed our Alfa Romeo 164LS as a summer family driver for 3 years, but we’re not putting many miles on her, and it’s time to downsize the fleet, so off she goes to another home. She is offered for sale at $4,800 OBO.

She is a solid, well-cared-for example in a metallic ‘Champagne’ color with 88,500 miles. The engine is the 3.0L 24valve Busso V6 upgraded with Squadra ECU chip and larger Q-spec intake runners. This yields an output estimated at 250hp. Transmission is a smooth ZF automatic with Auto, Sport and Ice modes. No corrosion anywhere, not behind any wheel well liners, battery well or behind the fuel filler area. Handling is solid and competent, stable at all speeds, oversteer at the limit, tracks straight and true at highway speeds.

Here is a YouTube upload of our LS before I replaced the power steering rack…. https://youtu.be/SXDgh-r8oi4

Recent maintenance work:

– 2018: Installed new thermostat. Replaced power steering pump. Replaced brake master cylinder.

– 2017: Replaced HVAC vent lever tip. Installed rebuilt power steering rack, inner tie rods and alignment.

– 2016: Replaced power window regulators, instrument panel lights, R&R trunk and fuel filler releases, new grommets at brake MC reservoir, new cabin air filter. Replaced wiper arms.

– 2015: We had her delivered to Jason Minos at Alfissimo International who installed new OEM exhaust, new OEM struts, front bushings, Squadra ECU chip, and Q-spec intake runners, plus a general once-over. Transmission flushed and fresh fluid. Coolant flushed and replaced.

– 2011: Timing belt and tensioner were replaced at 75,000 miles. Manual suggests 48,000 replacement interval. Visual inspection of timing belt reveals no dryness or cracking.

Leather interior has been treated annually.

Power mirrors, seats and antenna function properly.

ZF transmission Sport/Auto/Ice modes world properly.

Sunroof drain hoses are cleaned and clear.

Temperature control buttons and stepper motors work, we’ve never been uncomfortable.

The tan leather interior is clean, has minor stain on the rear seat.

The headliner is intact and beautiful.

Aftermarket front floor mats are a little worn, original carpet is beautiful.

Driver’s leather seat has patina and has turned a darker color.

Prior owner had her repainted and clear coated in the original color.

Body looks nice, but some scuffs and chips are present.

Anodized aluminum trim is hazing, especially the rims.

No drips or leaks under the car …at least not since yesterday.

AC blows cold.

Buyer will want to buy new tires.

Includes prior services records, Alfa Romeo factory manuals, car cover, complete factory trunk tool kit, jack, and full size spare tire.

What is inoperable?

– Seat heaters are intermittent. Probably the switches. Spare switches are included.

– The power sunroof binds up when opening, but the vent mode opens and closes normally.

– Cigarette lighters don’t have power.

– Headlight spray-cleaning is disabled.

– I haven’t had a need to use the windshield washers, I don’t know if they work.

– Internal alarm system is disabled.

Notable characteristics:

– Squadra ECU chip causes the “Check Engine’ light to come on.

– Upon start-up the voltage regulator needs 2,000rpm before activating. I am told the regulator needs a 2.2w ‘exciter’ bulb.

– This car drives with the corner marker lights as daylight running lights. I don’t think this was standard in 1994. I believe the US circuits think it is night time so dash lights are dimmed. Also, leaving the main headlights on, allows engine to stay running with the key in “off” position. Just turn the headlights off and then turn key off to stop the engine. I have investigated the fusebox and it is a standard US spec fusebox, so I don’t know why the car behaves this way.

Spare parts included:

– Window regulators.

– Original engine intake runners.

– Misc electrical spares, bulbs, switches, etc.

– Original plastic spacers for spare tire.

– Transmission ECU.

– Seat warmer switches.

– Spare fuse block.

– Windshield wiper arms.

– Original engine ECU chip.

– Mics dash parts, vent, panel.

Thank you.

Price: $4,800 obo

Location: Niskayuna , New York, 12309
Mileage: 88,500
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Good
Exterior: Champagne
Interior: Tan “

Source: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/alfa-romeo/164ls/2201660.html