$3,000 – Long Lake, MN:

“Up for sale is my hard to find 1975 BMW 3.0 Si (E3 – “New Six”) with automatic transmission, which I originally bought on eBay for about $2,500. It’s still a bit of a project, but I think it is priced very well considering the amount of work that has been done to it. I hate to let this go, as I probably have at least $5,000 invested (plus my time), but I picked up a 1976 2002 project that I would like to finish.

According to Wikipedia: In 1975 BMW introduced fuel injection to the US market M30 motor, replacing the twin two-barrel Zenith carburetors used since its inception. The Bavaria was dropped from the line-up, nominally replaced by the fuel-injected M30 powered E12 530i, and the fuel-injected 3.0Si became the highest end of the BMW model range. The fully optioned 3.0Si was sold during the 1975 and 1976 model years.

I’m currently working on putting it back together and will update the photos as I go along.

I purchased this car a few years ago on eBay. It had a good amount of rust in the lower panels and the fenders, so I bought it just to drive and enjoy. Then I changed my mind and decided to save it.

I cut out the rust and had most of it replaced and purchased some nearly perfect second-hand fenders. When doing the metalwork, I had the side trim holes filled to give it a cleaner look (no side trim). I had the whole car primed and undercoated the inside of the fenders to keep the rust from coming back. There are just two more holes in the body (above the rear side markers) that need to be welded up.

I also replaced the ignition components (plugs, wires, cap, rotor), replaced the points with electronic ignition, and added an upgraded coil.

In addition to the wheels shown in the main photo, there are a set of rims from a 90s 7-series. One can be seen in a later photo.

It recently got an alignment and had the brakes bled.
After the alignment, it tracks well, but it is obvious that the shocks are shot and need replacing.

Still to do:
* Weld up a few holes left in the body
* Paint
* Replace the ignition switch (currently using a switch for the ignition and push-button for the starter)
* Replace the shocks
* Get the AC working again. It has been converted to R134a, but the system was empty and the belt was off when I bought the car.
It also has a high idle, so there is likely a leak in the hoses connected to the manifold.

I think this will be a great, and very unique, car with a bit more work and a coat of paint. Come and get it while it is still cheap.

Classic Car ID 100995091
Stock Number N/A
Category Import Classics
Body Style Sedan
Condition Project – Nearing completion
Mileage N/A
Engine 6 Cylinder
Drivetrain N/A
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Other
Custom Color Primer”

Source: https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1975/bmw/3_0/100995091