$25,000 – Fayetteville, TN:

“Heres your chance to own an extremely clean and fast LS Swapped Honda S2000.

Best CASH offer takes home this one of a kind 40K build.

$34,027.49 in new documented parts ALONE.


Title in hand.

This 2000 Honda S2000 was purchased in December of 2017. The build began in January of 2018 by removing every single part off of the car.

Every single wire, screw, and panel was removed. The roll cage was added and the entire body was painted inside and out at that time. Almost every screw and wire has been replaced/upgraded on this vehicle.

The car has an Instagram account that shows all the pictures of the build from day 1 to finish.
Instagram: LSXS2K

In September of 2018, the car was complete, tuned, and finished a week before LS Fest East where the car was “Debuted”…if you will.

This car was featured first in LSX Magazines write up “The Best LS Swaps of 2018 LS Fest East”


The Best LS Engine Swaps of 2018 Holley LS Fest East

The engine is built fully forged to reliably (as possible) make and run on 1000HP with boost.
The entire powertrain is built with this similar power goal.
Sadly, no turbo or boost has ever been added.

This is a finished ready to go built vehicle that you can daily drive, race, or show.

Every single part has less than 1000 miles on it since the build was complete.

The car has working heat, windows, lights, and gauges. NO AC but there are kits out there to add it.

The car has been converted to GM manual gear steering. It turns very smooth and easy.

The car comes with the capability at this time to add 200 or more HP with the Nitrous set up.

The car is currently tuned for reliability/driveability at around 400 HP but has not been dyno’d since the last tune.

The car has NOT had a tune for nitrous so I have NOT used nitrous on this motor even once…but its all there and ready for it besides the tune.

Below I have listed the build sheet with prices I paid verified by receipts. It does not include the cost of labor for everything so it’s not even close to the total amount
spent…which I estimate to around $40,000 for the total.

I had a Youtube video made so please watch for a close-up look of the sights and sounds this beast emits.

Link: https://youtu.be/xiJwWU2Tkog


GM Artic White (fully body, engine bay, interior) $4000


HP Tuner MVP2 plus credits: $400

5.3 LM7 $4000.00
Forged Pistons: Wiseco pistons 10.5:1 $629.99
Forged Rods: Lunati H-Beam rods $567.99
Forged K 1 technology crankshaft $773.99
Brain Tooley Stage 3 Cam Shaft $389.99
Wiseco ring kit 55/8 $160.00
WARR throttle Body $160.00
LS9 Headgasket $200.00
ARP head studs $217.99
ARP rod bolts $100.00
ARP flywheel bolts $40.00
ARP main bolts $230.99
ARP cam bolts $7.00
Arp exhaust manifold bolts $31.99
243 heads port and polished $400.00
Moser oil pan $450.00
Mishimoto radiator $296.99
Mishimoto racing fans $186.00
Alloy Craft cooling panel $90.00
New AC Delco Starter $140
New Over Flow Tank $25

ENGINE PARTS: $8938.99
LABOR: $1724 (bore over 3.800)

Built Late 350Z 6 speed transmission $1300
ACT Stage 4 Clutch $760.00
IRS Transmission adapter $1700.00
Collins performance flywheel $425.00
Hydramax Throw out bearing/ master cylinder kit $402.00

Holley EFI fuel rails $200.00
Holley fuel pressure regulator $89.99
Holley Billet Fuel Filter $90
Fast Fuel pressure gauge $41.99
Walbro 450 fuel pump $85.00
-8AN fuel lines $300
6AN return lines ^^
FUEL PARTS: $806.98

NITROUS: $1372
Nitrous Express 102mm LS Plate Wet Kit
Dual Purge Lines
6AN Purge Kit
Billet Solenoid mounts
Switch controls panel
15LB bottle
Roll cage mount

Wilwood Brake Booster $78.00
BWR Brake Booster Delete Plate $50.00
Drilled/Slotted Rotors $224.00
Stoptech Brake Lines $114.00

Duralast gold axels $100.00 each
AP2 Differential $499.99

Wheels/Tires: $2300.00
18x11 +8
Cosmis Racing TX-206R KiKi design
Nitto NT555R G2 Tires

K Sport Coilovers $900.00
Truhart front upper control arms $365.99

Shine Auto Hardtop(Spoon Style) $2000.00
Shine Auto Wide Fenders (Spoon Style) $278.50
Shine Spec S Aero Front Bumper with Carbon Fiber underlay (Spoon Style) $750
Battel Aero Force 2X(74″) FRP Chassis mount wing (NOT INSTALLED) $1100
New AP2 Rear Bumper $300.00
New AP1 Front Bumper (comes with it) $300.00
V2 Widebody Fender Flairs $300.00
4 Point Roll Cage (Painted) $550.00
Buddy Club Tailights $505
Rough World RWB Steering Wheel $315
Steering Wheel HUB $160

New Honda Interior wiring harness $150.00
Race Equip Racing Harnesses $150.00
Optima Blue battery with new big battery cables (trunk mounted) $425.00
Electronic Speedo ($50)
Glow Shift Water Temp Gauge $60

EXHAUST :$ 800
JBA Shorty Headers: $400
Custom 3 Inch Exhaust pipe
Flowmaster Hi Flo Cat converter ($150)
4 Inch Tip (hidden) ($250)

GM Manual Steering Conversion $500.00

$34,027.49 in documented parts
$1729 Engine Build Labor (Mop Head Performance Engines)

TOTAL: $35,755.49 not including the price I bought the car for.


LSX Magazine:

The Best LS Engine Swaps of 2018 Holley LS Fest East

Instagram: LSXS2K
Youtube: Outlaw S2000 Video: https://youtu.be/xiJwWU2Tkog
Facebook: LS2K


The car was been in ONE accident. A front end accident in 10/01/2009. I have the complete police report, a Mazda 6 pulled out in front of my car in a 30 MPH zone, no airbag deployed. When I got the car I could not find any sign of damage. When the car was torn completely down to the frame (picture on the Instagram) for this build there was absolutely no sign of damage or repair. I’ve owned 5, S2000’s and 3 rebuilt.

Because of the high cost of S2000 factory parts the insurance companies would often total them even if it was just 1 fender that needed replacing. The insurance company almost always paid out WAY more than the car was worth. This is a phenomenon that has plagued many S2000’s. I’ve witnessed it several times with these cars.

The car is located in Fayetteville, TN. You will not drive the car until I have accepted your offer in person and the deal is basically done.

I will ship at your expense after you have purchased the car.

I’m VERY negotiable on the cash price because I’m reasonable and I know I’ll NEVER get my money back out of the car.

Please have some respect for the blood, sweat, and money that went into this build when you make an offer.

Do not offer if you don’t have the cash in hand or in your bank. Due to the age, a bank will not loan you money for this car unless it’s a personal loan. Please contact me after you have the loan and money ready to buy.

I’m looking to invest elsewhere so cash is king at this time.



I’m open to trading for any vehicles with a NADA low trade-in value of $20,000 or more. (Clean Title’s Only)
I’m open to trades that offer serious cash boot on top… $10000 minimum, plus your vehicle.
I’m open to trade for a cabin cruiser boat or yacht with trailer plus you add cash depending on the value of your boat.

I am open to any vehicle offers but please don’t be offended/mad if I’m not interested or say no.

The only older vehicles ill trade for is NSX/SUPRA/SKYLINE/VIPER/LAMBO/FERARRI


BE AWARE. I keep the car in my warehouse in TN. I travel to ATL a lot and can deliver the car after purchase.

The car is located 40 Mins from Chattanooga.

I do not need help selling so please don’t contact me for that.

I work a lot and most the time don’t have cell service at work so PLEASE text me and I will return as soon as I get service.

I almost always respond immediately unless I’m asleep or don’t have cell service.
If your offering a trade please send good pictures and info with your offer.

Due to the high number of spam calls, I block any number that doesn’t leave a message.
If you do call you must leave a message but PLEASE text me first to keep it simple.

Thank you and God bless!

2000 honda s2000
condition: like new
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 1000
paint color: white
title status: rebuilt
transmission: manual “

Source: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/d/fayetteville-lsx-swapped-honda-s2000/6800660102.html