$1,200 – Marine City, MI:

“Testing the waters for pre-sale on my 900s. Just went through the whole car, and will list what it needs (pros/cons). Will come with a ton of extra parts and pieces from another black sedan I parted out. Tan cloth interior in fair shape. Currently disassembled partially from replacing the floor due to rust, and fixing any and all rust issues I could possibly find. Used a combination of 3m panel bond and welding here and there. It’s a little patchwork appearance underneath the car, and underneath some panels but you’d never guess this car was ever rusty to begin with. Resealed the windshield which is in great shape. Motor runs great, but doesn’t like cold starts at all (idle surges, until operating temperature). Sometimes doesn’t like to start again after being shut off until it cools down. Tons and tons of new parts on vehicle and extra. Drives straight and true, a little noisy at highway speed but doesn’t pull. I’ll try to describe everything as worse case scenario, I drove the vehicle as a daily for a couple months but since bought another project car. Open to negotiations/offers. Odometer stuck over 250,000 miles. Have another replacement odometer.

Front suspension either all brand new or newer (ball joints, tie rod ends, bushings plus a pile of new parts extra)
Front axles new Or newer (includes extra brand new axles)
Brake calipers new up front and new brake lines through car.
Newer tires
Extra set of SPG wheels which I don’t have a picture of at the moment with decent tires (3 spoke)
New fuel injectors
New distributor, with cap rotor wires and plugs
A handful of new sensors
Good battery
All new fluids including coolant, transmission, brake and recent oil change.
New vacuum lines (previous owner installed blue lines, I’ve been slowly trying to replace them with black, and I’m pretty sure he routed nearly everything incorrectly)
Valve cover gasket replaced
Hydraulic lifters replaced
Reverse pawl replaced with improved unit (custom made)
Rare rear window louvers
Rare Shelby minilite saab wheels.
Just wheeled out the entire car.
Dashboard in good shape with minimal cracks
Bumpers and plastics just recently painted with newer trim
Roof rack

New parts included but still need to be replaced or should be replaced:
Front wheel bearings
Bushings all around vehicle (have most included)
Front main
Badges and emblems with new top stickers as well
And more

Leaks oil-engine seals/oil pan
Shifts great, but reverse lockout prevents entry to 5th gear (needs to be aligned, I got used to driving it as such, probably something to do with replacing the floor so the shifter isn’t exactly where it was before)
Cold start/hesitation to start as stated above
Even with newer suspension components still noisy over bumps (bushings)
Some wiring issues, tackled as much as I could find and repaired as much as I saw.
Lighting inside car is hit and miss, most of it just needs to be reassembled (dashboard)
Exhaust issues

I’m making it read worse than it is, the car speaks for itself. It would make a perfect project to continue, or a great daily driver with a little bit of patience and work. I’m open to show the car off, but please understand I have a tight schedule and the cars interior isn’t fully assembled at the moment. Comes with 3-4 extra boxes of stuff. Lower the offer, less parts you get.

1987 Saab 900s
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: manual “

Source: https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/cto/d/marine-city-1987-saab-900s-sedan-5/6821214303.html