$2,900 – Bedford, NY:

“I am pleased to offer this very original and intact 1966 200 Fintail Sedan. These W110/111 cars are not often seen on the marketplace and fewer and fewer exist with the passing of time. This truly vintage 2 liter Mercedes was last used in 1991 close to 30 years ago. It was placed in garage storage in Franklin Park, Illinois. It was a running car, and at the time it was replaced with more modern transportation.

This 4 speed Model 200 can truly be described as a survivor. It has only seen 60247 miles since new, and has had 2 long term owners, Incredibly excellent, the interior retains its flawless black MB text seats. The floors, which have no rust, still enjoy their MB vinyl matting as well as does the trunk. The optional OEM white steering wheel is with no cracks. The elegant Becker Mexico was installed at the factory and has led a sheltered life. The paint is original and still can take a good shining.

All the glass is original and perfect. The hand cranking windows work as one would expect, even the vent windows smoothly crank open and close. This era of manufacture was a golden threshold for the Company. With its classic “stacked headlights” and operating vent windows, what could be finer! If you study the fit and finish of the body work, the operation of the doors, the placement within the engine bay, never was such detail given by Mercedes. The color matched wheel covers are in 2 pieces. Even both complete Factory key sets and a perfect owners manual are provided in their original leather jackets. Go figure, such quality of craftsmanship!

When parked it ran! Now it does not. I have determined that the ignition switch which attaches to the key cylinder has shattered with age and the cold. Therefore, i cannot even turn the engine over. That said, i will try to purchase and install the failed switch.

The engine bay is in perfect original condition and if you engage the gearbox into first, you can turn the engine over. The brakes seem fine, the clutch pedal does not spring up. Perhaps a slave cylinder or just a bleeding out. This is a very simple and fine piece of machinery and will not require a great amount of work to return it into ruining order. My price, $2900 is for an as is sale.

All 5 white wall tires match and are as new. The trunk is cavernous, not seen today in modern cars. So, now, the rust. Yes there exists rust, but not an insurmountable amount. Check out the photos. The right rocker should be replaced. The floors and trunk floor are in incredible original surviving condition.

Enough! If you want a great Fintail, buy mine. For my European buyers, this car is ready to ship as it has a current US title, no liens, loans or salvage. $2900 please. I have connections with Transport Masters of Boca Raton Florida. Reach out to them for a professional and free estimate. If you email me, please include your cell number. I reply only to people i can verify by telephone. The car is mine and is located in my garage in scenic Bedford Village New York, just 42 miles north of Times Square. Thank you. “

Source: https://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/cto/d/bedford-mercedes-benz-fintail-w110-rare/6923237752.html