$2,500 – Port Townsend, WA:

“My Bob the Saab is for sale. This car is an original Seattle car, I have the original window sticker and it’s service records with the dealership & then scanwest up until 2014 or so. I purchased from a guy who had the car sitting for 4-5 years due to a dead battery and some bad grounds that I fixed and I’ve been daily driving it since!

The good:
-86 900 turbo 2dr 5spd,
-210k miles, no leaks or cabin seal leaks,
-stays cool temp wise, daily driven,
-turbo is great and it has a cold air intake so you can really hear the little turbo spool, no oil leak or bearing issues
-drivetrain is a 9/10, no leaks or funny sounds from the trans, clutch is extremely healthy, car pulls amazing. still gets around 20mpg (this is the 80s turbo tech afterall lol)
-new NGK plugs, fresh oil every 4k, recently did the valve cover gasket and seals.
-bilstein struts all around, feels fantastic
-all the lights, heater, and stereo work great, heat gets hot, wipers wipe. Stereos great, but a bit dated. Sunroof and power windows work, heated seats do not, sadly. I was going to put some recaros in & call it good.
-it’s got new brakes all around, and is the rare 4×114 model so you can get cool guy jdm wheels
-exterior is a 7.5/10, the black paint shines up extremely well. The trims been deleted and bumpers painted black, gives it a much less dated look.
-99% rust free, it’s genuinely scary. No door jam rust, engine bay, underchassis or fender. Only a small quarter size piece on the door.
-I’m 6’2 and can lay down in the back with my legs straight, so if you’re looking for a hipster road trip car this is your guy (or girl, it’s 2019 you can be whatever you want)

Now the bad,
For everyone expecting me to say something dumb like it needs a headgasket, sike, bobs the most reliable Saab I’ve ever owned and mechanically perfect.
However his faults are;
-Both turn signal lenses in the rear are busted, how, I wish I knew ($80 each on eBay and take minutes to replace)
-the rear hatchs clear coat is cracked to hell, I was quoted $200 to respray the hatch.
-the interior is missing a few things, notably;
-the headliner is gone (I kind of like not having it given I’m tall the extra headroom is nice)
-the dash is cracked
-it needs a glovebox latch ($30)
-missing door panel trim inserts ($100 for a pair)
-the rare bridge of weir leather on the seats is cracked and torn up, you can have them refurnished however.
-it will need an alignment eventually but it goes down the road straight as an arrow, wheel could just be out of alignment.
-turn signal stalk is wonky as can be, the tab holding it in the center is broke ($75 for a new one)
-and last but not least the front caliper ebrake mechanism were trying to seize when I did the brakes, to be on the safe side and not worry about them seizing in place while I was at the grocery store or something, I disconnected the ebrake cables and put the car in gear as a parking brake. Car still stops great.

That’s about all I can think of, it’s been a great car and a fantastic cruiser/daily but I’d like to finish my race car and hit the track, and my other daily driver (BMW) likes to eat up all my money.

Texts preferred, $2500 obo, but fairly firm.. Clean title in hand. Can meet buyers part way as I understand Port Townsend is a drive.

1986 saab 900 turbo
drive: fwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 213000
title status: clean
transmission: manual “

Source: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/port-townsend-1986-saab-900-turbo-5spd/6940080510.html