$9,500 – Huntsville, TX:

“This is a Vietnam vintage 1968 Kaiser- Jeep 5 ton 6X6 M543A2 wrecker powered by 6 cylinder LDT4651A turbocharged multi-fuel (diesel) engine built for the military.. Five speed manual transmission with high and low range (ten speeds). Currently has the transmission out (rebuilt & ready to reinstall) has new (not just resurfaced) fly wheel installed and new clutch. Interior is rough but complete with two spring seats, instrument panel repaired and ready to reinstall. Primary gas tank removed for cleaning is on hand. Needs two new batteries. Boom and winches, engine & drive train were working when I drove it into the shop to have this work done. Low mileage on engine and drive train. Rebuilt/overhauled at army depot April 1979 . Drag winch on front and rear of truck were operational when truck put in shop. Rear winch has 40,000 lbs capacity. Front winch 20,000 lbs. Rotating and telescoping boom crane with 20 foot reach, 20,000 lbs capacity. 1100-20 tires in fair condition. “six” wheel drive when front axle is engaged (with the three axles 10 wheels are driving ). Texas title and license plate.

It is a project truck that a good mechanic can easily fix and use for a heavy duty work truck, tree truck , wrecker or even a show truck.

This truck was purchased directly from the military and this model is no longer available for sale by the government/ Military. It is among the last of the military trucks with the heavy duty 5 SPEED Manual transmission with a two speed HIGH-LOW transfer case. Later models have the automatic transmission.
For a negotiated price I will deliver within 50 mile radius of Houston after truck has been examined by buyer and full payment has been made.

Sales price is LESS that the cumulative value of the parts on and with the truck. The two winches alone go for this price.
Call me with an offer… “

Source: https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/huntsville-military-5-ton-wrecker-two/6954721486.html