$18,500 – Seattle, WA:

“It has 79,xxx miles on it. 2009 4.0 mustang. It’s limited edition and it came with full glass moonroof when I bought it. It has clean title.
The mileage will change a bit by time to time but wont change much.
Take your time and read the description and let me know if you have any questions.
It is located near Seattle Washington. If you want to fly here and drive back, I can take your plane ticket fee off the price. It will be a good way for you to test the car. If you want it to get it shipped, I can help but you will have to arrange the shipping.

– Engine oils were always changed before due and I use synthetic.
– Transmission fluid flushed twice, and transmission filter as well when it was changed.
– Brake fluids flushed 4 times, power steering fluid flushed couple times and engine coolant were flushed many times.
– Whenever something wears out like joints, brakes.. It was replaced right way.
– Engine is in very good shape. It will last for long miles and many years.
– Cabin filter was changed twice a year. Cold air intake filter was cleaned few times as well, and I still have the cleaners left if you want to take them.
I wanted to have this car for long time so everything is healthy and good condition.

For the modifications,

*Engine bay*
Metal thermostat housing instead of plastic factory one for better reliability.
Aftermarket waterpump, new coolant hoses.
New belt
Aftermarket Cold Air intake
Tuned by Bama Performance (It was tuned 91 octane the whole time but recently I changed it to 89 octane to save mpg but still, I’ve been always putting 91 octane with fuel system conditioner/jet fuel)
Aftermarket spark plugs/coil/wires
LED lights for engine bay
Motion sensor
Custom longtube headers/exhaust
Heat spreading tapes
Windshield washer reservoir eliminated
All the lights are easy to work with and easy to access just in case if there is any problem.

New performance extreme stop pads/rotors (approx 800miles on it currently)
Custom Brake lines
Wheels – steel wheel for rock crawling (I never rock crawl, I got this because they are durable)
Spare tire is a bit smaller, and it is using original mustang wheel.
Tires – 30 inch hankook all terrain (still almost new)
All have Tire pressure monitor sensors.

It is sitting 6-7 inches higher than stock mustang.
Front- full custom strut with eibach offroad race springs (9.4inch travel), custom control arms
Front suspension’s strut mounts are for mustang GT500 and most bushings/joints are for GT500. It helps with handling.
Front suspension has preload charged about 700lb per corner.
Rear – Adjustable shocks(tuned) with eibach offroad race spring (11.6 inch travel)
Shocks are recently replaced to new ones.(probably 1300-1400 miles on it now.)
Aftermarket control arms
Aftermarket panhard bar
Greasable joints
Shock brace
Front sway bar endlinks are modified, reinforced and greasable as well.
Steering is sharp and tight. There is no play.
The control arms/steering don’t squeak.
The wheel base(from front wheel to rear wheel) is slightly longer than stock mustang.

Fenders are trimmed,
Customized steel front bumper(welded straight to frame)
Custom cage (Welded to the frame in different points)
Relocated license plate and license plate light
HID headlights(I bought extra pair of bulb just in case they run out but they didn’t and you can take them too)
Aftermarket Grill
Custom grill lights (3)
Custom turn signal lights
Aftermarket hood
Light bars (1 front 2 side 2 back)
Every light parts are waterproof/shockproof.
Rear tire carrier cage
Rear view camera (All time on, so you can see rear even when you are on highway)
Reverse light bars (turns on in reverse gear)
Over 130lb of soundproof material all over inside the panel including doors, floor, trunk, sides
whole exterior is painted with bedliner on January 2019. Yes, it’s scratch proof.
Citizen Band Radio antenna 5ft (firestick)
Antenna tie down
Locking fuel cap

Interior is pretty much stock.
Led lights
Larger rear view mirror
Switches for camera/light bars/radio/engine bay light (7 switches in total.)
Painted trims
Citizen Band Radio (range about 15 miles but really depends on where you are and who you are talking to)
USB Charger/ 3 sockets
Touch screen(Bluetooth/USB/Mic)
Adjustable light for leg/center console
Trunk lights (2 led bars)
Thicker trunk floor with handle (since there is no factory spare tires underneath, you can carry tools or emergency gears)
2015+ style mustang key.
You will be getting the Tuner as well so you can change it to different octane gas and do other changes if you want to.

I’m sure there are more stuffs that were done to this car but I can’t think of it all.

I have a spare brand new radiator, some new light bulbs, bigger jack, Bama tuner and some other stuffs. You will be getting them as well.

As long as this post is up, it is available.
Let me know if you want to see more pictures. I can send you the specific parts that you want to see.
Feel free to ask questions.

Thank you.

2009 Ford Mustang
condition: excellent
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
title status: clean
transmission: automatic “

Source: https://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/cto/d/bellingham-rare-custom-off-road-mustang/6995739625.html