$6,800 – Greenville, SC:

“This is Toyota’s top of the line luxury car, Gunmetal Grey Rare 1992 Crown Royal Saloon with a Toyota 2JZ engine. These cars are used in Japan as limo’s/luxury taxi’s, meaning reclining back seats, a cooler for drinks in the back, separate rear A/C control, top of the line comfort, it has it all and is super comfortable.
The Crown only has 48k miles on it and all original with no rust, clean car.
Not only being a Royal Saloon it comes with a inline 6 3.0Liter 2JZ motor(same engine as in Supra’s) with a RWD automatic transmission.
Power Mirrors on the fenders making it easier for parking, along with a switch for the driver to put both back seats in full upward position.

I Personal picked this car out in Japan and drove it around.
Not Interested in trades as this is a good deal. Dealing with me you cut out the middle man so the prices are cheaper then anywhere else
Fed Legal with SC title

Introduced in 1955, it has served as the mainstream sedan from Toyota in the Japanese market throughout its existence and holds the distinction of being the longest-running passenger-car nameplate affixed to any Toyota model, along with being the first Toyota vehicle to be exported to the United States in 1958. Its traditional competitors in Japan and Asia have been the Nissan Cedric/Gloria/Fuga and the Honda Legend, along with the defunct Mazda Luce, Isuzu Bellel and Mitsubishi Debonair.

Available at Toyota Store dealers in Japan, the Crown has been popular for government usage, whether as a police car or for transporting government officials. It has also been popular with Japanese companies as company cars along with use as a taxicab. While a base Crown was available for many years aimed at the taxicab market, the increasing opulence and price of the Crown line led to the creation of the Toyota Comfort in 1995 as a more affordable alternative. Outside Japan, the larger Lexus LS took over the role of Toyota’s flagship sedan in 1989 in the company’s global lineup.

The Crown’s history and reputation has given it prominence in the Toyota lineup, as it is one of the few current Toyota models to carry its own unique insignia for the model line with the current Crown having a stylized crown emblem on the grille and steering wheel along with inspiring the names of its smaller progenitors. The Corona, introduced as a smaller companion to the Crown means “crown” in Latin and was initially exported as the “Tiara”, while the Corolla took its name from the corolla (“small crown”) in Latin. The Camry’s name is derived from the Japanese phrase kanmuri (冠, かんむり) meaning “little crown” and the Toyota Scepter took its name from the sceptre, an accessory to a crown. The Avalon (the Crown’s North American counterpart), while not named after a crown, is named after a mythical island from the legends of King Arthur.

1992 Toyota Crown
condition: excellent
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 48006
paint color: grey
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: sedan “

Source: https://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/d/greenville-jdm-92-toyota-crown-royal/7057212779.html