$3,750 – Titusville, FL:

“1992 Honda Beat, mini convertible only sold in Japan from 1991-1996. Freshly imported in October 2019 with all federal EPA, DOT, and Customs paperwork completed to full US legal status with street title, currently registered and insured. Located in Titusville, Florida, this car is ready to drive.

The odometer reading is in kilometers, 158,479km = 99,095 miles. The car is driven daily, so this number is current at time of posting.

– cold A/C
– Right hand drive, easy to learn.
– Huge “attention getter,” people love to ask questions and talk.
– Individual Throttle Body (ITB) Honda E07A engine, sounds like an exotic (because it is.)
– No Rust, rare for 90s Hondas.
– New factory color paint with no chips, cracks or flaws.
– Excellent convertible top with no cracks, rips, tears or leaks. Clear rear window.
– Rear engine, rear wheel drive, basically a smaller MR2 in a 2/3 scale Miata package.

Service since import:
– Fresh engine oil change (Rotella T5 10W30 semi-synthetic with Honda filter)
– Fresh transaxle oil (Honda MTF)
– New coolant and thermostat
– Multiple minor electronic repairs (speedometer solder joints, tachometer capacitors, main relay solder joints, etc) to ensure reliable service for years to come.
-Sticker on timing cover indicates a new timing belt at 125k

Honda recently resumed production of spare parts due to their popularity overseas, replacements are easy to find. Electronic copies of the factory repair manual, wiring charts, and parts catalogue is available with sale. The car runs and drives strong, but is limited to 7k rpm.

Comparable items:
Japanese Kei sports cars: Suzuki Cappuccino, Autozam AZ-1
US market Japanese sports cars: Mazda Miata, Toyota MR-2 “

Source: https://spacecoast.craigslist.org/cto/d/titusville-1992-honda-beat-jdm-rhd-kei/7074399846.html