$12,500 – Milford, NH:

“If you clicked on this ad then you know what this is. If you are looking for a good driver, sorry not this one, there are ones that I’ve seen on eBay for $40k and higher, go buy those. This is a rusty (REALLY RUSTY) bitsa car and nothing is hooked up for that matter. I bought this as a shell 15 years ago and never really did anything with it. So I put in a 1986 MC1 10v turbo with a TAP (total Audi performance) ECU , a 83 UrQ gearbox/rear dif, 4000s Quattro suspension w/H&R springs+ late model grill/lights, coupe gt interior, 90Q wheels. Yes, this is a hodge podge of parts and it’s really rusty. I’ve cut up a bunch of Audi’s and I should have a enough floor pan sheetmetal for you to patch it all up. I have a so many other projects I figured I’ll try and lighten the load. “

Source: https://nh.craigslist.org/pts/d/milford-1983-audi-quattro-urquattro-for/7082069037.html