$5,000 – Dallas, TX:

“This is my 1972 Toyota Corona Mark II 2000 hard top coup. Very rare to find this model in a such very good condition. I call her “the last Dinosaur”. I will try to provide as much detail as possible but feel free to ask any questions about the car. I enjoyed her driving to my home to work once or twice a week. I hate to see it go, but I am hoping someone out there can give it more love and preservation.
-The car was first sold in 10-21-1972 by a dealer called TOYOTA HART, INC of Encino and spent most of its life in N. Hollywood, California. For a reference, I attached few sample documents down on photo section. I am the second owner and I have clean Texas title on my hand, and it is registered and inspected on my name.
-Original license plate and its frame, repair manual, purchase receipt, corona brochure, warranty certificate, service receipts, payments since 1971 are on my hand. I attached a few samples out of many documents I had.
-Body not restored. Rock solid, mostly rust free, one little spot under door panel has some rot.
Original engine, and original paint. The Engine is original 1.9L 18RC model it runs strong and starts easily. Vehicle identified by RT-73L.
-Original Auto transmission no issues shifts good never slips, fluid was changed on timely manner.
-Brakes completely gone through, all corners flushed and bled. Drums and shoes in all sides are in good shape. Emergency break works perfect. Turn signals, hazard, parking and head lights work perfect.
-All door locks, manual windows and wing windows are functional. Trunk is like new. Original Lifting jack and tools are kept in a great condition. Ignition and door keys are original. Windshield wipers and water spray works perfect. The vinyl hard roof is in a great condition.
-Interior condition very nice. Original seats, roof, dash are in a great condition. Original carpet is in a good condition too. Original AM radio works. Speedometer works, and counting miles perfectly Currently shows 77,400 original miles. Gas gauge, temperature and oil indicators work too.
-Evaporation emission control device line inside the engine and gas tank are properly stayed connected.
-Interior dashboard, roof, clove box, A/c, power selector switch and lights all work perfect.
-Recent works; Front inner and outer tie roads, rear axle both side oil seals, def oil changed, distributor cup, contact point, spark plugs, and wires changed new.
Another point which I would like to mention is that, good quality perfect match parts are available in the market widely. For example, I found original Japan made tie roads in Auto-zone for a very reasonable price. They were kept in their warehouse as rare parts selection.
I post the pictures of different stickers that are attached on the side and rear windows, because I always enjoy seeing them, I hope you too. Presidential campaign sticker, LA police officer sticker, car racer cartoon Go-dog-Go! Toyota company emission standard seal sticker is still in place.
-All four white stripe wall tires including the spare are in a good condition. Also, all original wheel hub cups are straight, no dent or bends seen.
-The original owner generously gave me different kinds of spare parts for free. I kept them properly, and I am going to hand them free for the coming new owner.
-My main reason/ decision selling this car is; I am unable to find a safe and well covered place/shade. The car was kept in a shade by the original owner for years. Even though I cover her with-waterproof outdoor Car Cover, I am not happy park her in sharing parking lot, because the probability of body dents or scratch is high. I receive appreciation from people when I took her to pump gas or at the car wash, and people ask me the make, model, the year, and if I want to sell etc. and I am happy to answer too.
So, who want to give good caring and love to this beauty? Let’s go out for test drive. I will return your call as soon as possible.

1971 Toyota MarkII
condition: good
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: fwd
fuel: gas
paint color: grey
size: mid-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: coupe “

Source: https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/d/dallas-1971-toyota-mark-ii/7118286984.html